Driver who is an expert in the pilgrimage will guide you!

You can experience the pilgrimage with a taxi wearing a henro-kasa! Driver who is an expert in the pilgrimage will guide you! Moreover, it is with the rental of the pilgrimage goods. (White vest/Hakui, Stole/Wagesa, Staff/Kongozue)

※ There is also a plan to visit all 88 temples in Shikoku.
Please feel free to contact us.

  • We will guide you a local udon restaurant for lunch(pay by yourself).
  • You are able to visit some sightseeing spot if you have enough time.

Taxi Fare (Kotobus taxi / Setouchi taxi)

26,200yen/taxi (5hours)
  • 2person 13,350yen

  • 3person 8,900yen

  • 4person 6,675yen

We will pick you at stations, ryokans, and hotels etc.
It is said that visiting Sanuki 7 temples bring good fortune and ward off evil.

  • Dirver is an expert in the pilgrimage.
  • Please be assured that the dirver is experienced.
  • This is chartered taxi.
  • Driver will guide you local places and sightseeing spots.

Memorial colored paper

There are two types of gohonzon-colored mikage and seven gods of good fortune colored mikage.

Memorial colored paper 500yen (place: evry temples from No.71temple to No.77 temple
Colored Omie(Saisyoku Omie) each 200yen
Kobo Daishi Colored Omie(Kobo Daishi Saisyoku Omie) 300yen

  • Temple 71 Iyadaniji

  • Temple 72 Mandaraji

  • Temple 73 Syussyakaji

  • Temple 74 kouyamaji

  • Temple 75 Zentsuji

  • Temple 76 konzoji

  • Temple 77 Douryuji

Application for Hento Taxi

Please make a reservation by using the "Application Form" button below.
If you have any questions or questions about the pilgrimage, we will advise you.
This project is a taxi transport service provided by Kotohira Bus Co., Ltd.