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Why don't you take a trip to sake brewing in Kagawa? The brewing makes not only sake but also cosmetic and contributes to local. We will offer you the taxi trip that you can experience the feelings of sake brewing.

A guest who comes with Japan Railway
We will pick you up at Sakaide station, Utazu station, Marugame station,and Kotohira station.
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We recommend you to make reservation by one day before your departure because it takes time to get a taxi ready. If you reserve sake taxi service on your travel day, we might charge for extra. It depends on where we get a taxi reday.

Arranged course

3 hours course
  • 2person 8,010yen


  • 3person 5,340yen


  • 4person 4,005yen



Kinryo was considered to be the scared sake of Kotohira shrine. Not only people is Kagawa but also people from outiside have drank this sake since Edo period. In this course, we will take you to place in Kotohira and factory in Tadotsu. You can enjoy seeing factory in Tadotsu and shopping at Kotohira.


The establishment of Ayagiku is 1790.
They made sake with rice of Kagawa as raw ingredient. They still make sake with the same methods. The sake brewing is appointed as a tangible cultural property of Kagawa. It still has the same figure as old days. Please enjoy seeing a rich tradition and tequniques of Sanuki.


using "rice power extract" born by bacteria science and a technique of the brewing fermentation, Yushin makes sake and produces cosmetics as well. You can enjoy Yushin's sake with meals because it has sweet flavor. In addition, Yushin can offer the new type of low alcoholic drinks made from ancient rice and black rice in Utazu,kagawa.

Basic course

Drivers who has passed sake exams will guide you!
We made original sake exam. What kind of rice is used to make sake? What is the name of sake brewing?

Example of sightseeing spots


    Kinryo has three main storage houses. One of them is located at Kotohira.This Kinryo Museum has been created here so visitors are able to see in detail how the original manufacturing facility worked. Please also enjoy tasting some sake and shopping.
    Please visit the Kinryo no sato when you come to Konpira Shire.
    Weekdays:9:00am to 4:00pm(last admission 3:30PM)/Weekends:9:00am to 6:00pm (last admission 5:30PM)

  • Zentsuji

    Zentsuji Temple is the birth place of Kobo Daishi.

  • Roadside station Takinomiya

    Udon Ice Cream is famous! This is only a place you can eat the ice cream!

  • Manno Pond

    Japan's largest irrigation pond

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