Drivers introduce famous restaurants, rare restaurants, and the restaurant known for those in the know

Drivers will guide you not only famous udon restaurants, but also the restaurants that are not listed in the brochures and guidebooks!
Drivers with specialized knowledge will guide you from the history and culture of udon to how to eat authentic udon, the system of ordering, and other knowledge about udon.

Reason why Udon Taxi Is Convenient

Popular restaurants always line up in line not only weekends, but also weekdays.
Driver offer suggestions like "Let's go to this udon restaurant first!" when popular restaurant line up in line.You can use your time effectively!
Drivers will guide you the restaurants int the mountains, the restaurants looks like private house or restaurants that are not listed in the brochures and guidebooks !


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Please tell us where you would like to visit, or what kinds of udon you would like to eat. (name of the shop, taste of udon, etc.). Udon Taxi driver will arrange it!

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History of Udon

There are many famous udon restaurants in the west area of Kagawa!

the oldest surviving illustration of udon

The roots of Sanuki udon come from foods called "contons" that were kneaded with wheat and boiled and eaten by Kukai(Kobo Daishi)who went to China as an japanese envoy to Tang China during the Muromachi period.
It is said that Kukai brought back from Tang and taught it to the current town of Kotohira.

After that, it seems that the udon became popular in this area.
That is whya there are a lot of udonrestaurants in west area of Kagawa. Also, these are delicious!
Therefore, we recommend that you go around the udon restaurants mainly west area of Kagawa.
※West area of Kagawa includes areas of Sakaide, Marugame,Zentsuji,Kotohira,Mannou,Tadotsu,and Utazu

Basic knowledge of Sanuki Udon

Sanuki Udon which has become a popular topic in Japan.
There are more than 800 Udon restaurants in Kagawa.
There are also many different ways to eat Sanuki Udon.

In addition, The price of Sanuki udon is reasonable! You can eat udon until you are full.
There are a lot of variations of toppings depends on the restaurants, and you can eat udon without getting tired!
We Introduce the typical udon menu of Sanuki udon.

Basic knowledge of Menu

  • かけうどん

    Kake Udon

    Kake Udon is the most basic udon.The dashi(broth) is mainly separated into Irico(small dried sardine) and bonito flakes.

  • ぶっかけうどん

    Bukkake Udon

    You pour broth same as broth for Zaru Udon and eat with green onion, grated daikon radish, and lemon. There are two types, hot and cold.

  • 釜玉うどん

    Kamatama Udon

    Hot Udon topped with raw egg. You mix in raw egg and broth soy sause. Do not add too much broth soy sause!

  • しょうゆうどん

    Syouyu Udon

    Kamaage stlye of ading soy sause to Udon. You add green onion, grated daikon radish, and lemon and eat with them.

  • しっぽくうどん

    Shippoku Udon

    This is a typical local food of Kagawa during winter.

  • げそ天うどん

    Geso's Tempura Udon

    Kake udon topped with Geso's tempura. Geso's tempura means squid Legs' tempura

  • 釜揚げうどん

    Kamaage Udon

    Boilde udon served in water straight from the pot. The udon is dipped in a small cup of strong broth.

  • ざるうどん

    Zaru Udon

    udon chilled in cold water. Popular in summer! The udon is dipped in a small cup of strong broth.

Basic knowledge of Udon Restaurants

  • General Udon Restaurants

    A wide variety of menus

    This is a general restaurant that comes to hear the order when entering the restaurant and sitting.

  • Self-service Udon Restaurants

    A wide variety of toppings. Fast and Cheap

    When you enter the restaurant, you have your own trays, take your favorite toppings, and order your favorite udon. There are various patterns of self-service restaurants.

  • Noodle-making factory

    Difficult to find the place! Fast and Cheap!

    Usually, noodle-making factory is the place where noodles are made and sold. However, you can eat udon there.

Bits of knowledge

  • Warm your udon and bowl with strainer!

    Warm your udon with strainer! This is called Depo. You will be udon master with using depo.

  • Why is there oden at the udon restaurant?

    Why is oden in kagawa's udon restaurant? The reason is unknown forever.You can eat Oden during waiting your udon. Enjoy your udon with oden.

  • Why is Sanuki Udon called "Dashi" for "Tsuyu"?

    Soba is "Tsuyu" and ramen is "soup", but Sanuki udon is "dashi"? What they sell at supermarkets is "Mentsuyu" or "Udon Tsuyu" The reason is also unknown forever. This is also commonplace in Kagawa